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Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2012 3:34 pm
by kmartind
Not sure if you might have already gotten it straightened out by now, but if not...

Installing the .ipk file shouldn't take long (and is done with the phone connected to your PC with the cable, but not in USB drive mode), however, I thought you had already installed the .ipk (which is actually the app itself), because you already mentioned seeing the "could not load topic" error message.

The IPK file is:
Which I think you've already downloaded and then installed with webOS Quick Install.

In addition to installing the above ipk, you also need to get the "original" content zip file, which contains the scriptures and hymns:
You save that file to your PC first (after clicking on the link, pick "Save" or "Save As" and remember what folder you saved it in). It is a compressed file that contains all the numerous files and directories for the standard works and hymns, etc, so it needs to be extracted in order to get all of those files out of it and onto your phone. When you extract/copy the contents of the zip file to your phone you do need to be in USB drive mode, and you don't need to use webOS Quick Install for that part.

After the original content file, you then need to get either the "full" or "partial" content file, which contains all the other manuals, magazines, etc. The partial one is smaller but has all the same manuals, just fewer old church magazine issues, so you can use either one, depending on how much space you want to fill up on your phone:
Once again, you save that file to your PC, and then extract its contents to your phone while in USB drive mode.

If you haven't extracted a zip file before, it is pretty simple in Windows. First you'll want to connect the phone and select USB drive mode, which makes the phone show up as a new disk device in My Computer. Then locate the .zip file on your PC in the folder you saved it into, and the right click on it, select "Extract All...", and then select "Browse" and click on "My Computer" (or "Computer"), then below that there should be a line labeled Palm Pixi or similar. Select that and click OK, then click "Extract" and it should extract the zip file and send the contents to your phone at the same time. You would need to do that for both the "original" content zip file and either the "full" or "partial" content zip file, and then you can eject your device (by right clicking it in My Computer and picking eject) and then unplug it from the PC if desired.

Once that has been done you should be able to run the Gospel Library app on your phone and see the new manuals as well as the scriptures and hymns, etc.
The latest issues of church magazines probably won't be there because the content file is built by hand (I haven't checked when it was last updated, but it was probably a while ago).

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 4:36 am
by dabrockster
Thank you . I ended up deleting and starting over since it was getting hung up for some odd reason. I follow in sequence your post above and it is downloaded and working fine now. Thank you for all of your help.. I am now going to see if I can get the Book of Mormon in Spanish and download it as well so I will be browsing this site for other things.. Thank you..

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 12:17 pm
by dabrockster
Again, I want to thank everyone for the help and I apologize but I have one last question. I was hoping to download the the GL in Spanish as well. Can I have 2 separate ones on my Palm? One in English and one in Spanish?

Thanks for your help

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 7:57 am
by kmartind
dabrockster wrote:Again, I want to thank everyone for the help and I apologize but I have one last question. I was hoping to download the the GL in Spanish as well. Can I have 2 separate ones on my Palm? One in English and one in Spanish?

For other languages, you'll need to use the "GL Catalog" app. You can download it from this link:

It's fine to have both the GL Catalog app and the unofficial Gospel Library app installed at the same time. They are separate and they don't interfere with each other. You can even open both of them at the same time on your device if desired.

For the GL Catalog app, you don't need to download any other files, just the one .ipk file above. You would normally save it on your PC and then use webOS Quick Install to install it to your device (with the device plugged in, but once again not in USB drive mode, just connected).

The GL Catalog app supports multiple languages and it connects to the church server to download the materials when you first access them. Unless the developer (John Hansen) has made more changes recently, it doesn't have some of the extra features of the Gospel Library app (for example it doesn't have book/chapter/verse navigation in the top bar) and it is a little slower since it has to manage the content on-the-fly, but it still works well for reading, etc, and it can access all the latest content in multiple languages. You select the language by tapping where it currently says "English" near the top right of the screen. I haven't tried it on a Pixi Plus myself, but you can probably expect it to be kind of slow on that device. It will be especially slow the first time you access each book since it will go download the book before it can display it, but even after it has downloaded a book it might take several seconds for it to display, especially for books like the Old Testament that contain a large number of sections. If it says "Working.." but doesn't print any more dots for a long time, you can try going back to the main app page and then tapping on the book title again, but overall just try to be a little patient with it.

There is more discussion about the GL Catalog app in this thread:
(especially the last few pages of that thread).