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Re: Do Not Contact List/Visibility

Postby chriswoodut » Wed Dec 12, 2018 9:17 am

I think it would also be nice for member's to have some control over what emails they receive. We send out a weekly bulletin/program/announcements. There's no opt out option for people so I have to keep a list of those that don't want it and remove them from the email before I send it out (I use the 'send a message' function in LCR).

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Re: Do Not Contact List/Visibility

Postby rrketcheson » Fri Nov 22, 2019 6:22 pm

I am in the same boat, brother. Ward members should be able to opt out LCR communication and the ward clerk should have the ability to take care of this for those who are not in contact with the church that don't want contact.

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Re: Do Not Contact List/Visibility

Postby wbodine » Wed Feb 05, 2020 1:07 am

I know that church leaders in Salt Lake city read some of these posts and I would hope they would bring it to the attention of Pres. Nelson. It's time to eliminate the unrealistic process of getting records out of a Ward/branch .
Serving a full-time mission as a senior missionary couple outside the United States has brought home to me the larger number of people who are less active. In our area of the church activity hovers around 20%. Being in the mission field compounds the numbers of less active versus many areas of the United States were activity is generally higher. We have 300 members of record but only 35 that come regularly. I have seen 4 predominant requests from less active members of the church concerning their activity and exposure to the church.

1. DNC-They want no contact from the church. No visits, ministers, phone calls, emails, texts, postcards. They want to be left alone but do not want to remove their names from the church. I personally feel that this is a lack of understanding what do not contact means. If we truly explain that there will be continued contact in the future (new missionaries, leadership changes, boundary changes will always cause someone to reach out to them) until they remove their names from the records of the church most people would want to remove their names from the record of the church. We must honor that request or we will find ourselves in litigation. Please discourage eager elders quorum president or relief Society president, missionaries trying to reach out to them. Respect their request and leave them alone.
2. REMOVE NAME FROM CHURCH RECORDS – clearly and distinctly they have asked for no further contact with the church, may have joined a different church and don't want any of their information listed on our church roles. We need to honor those requests quickly. In some parts the world if we ignore this request there are grounds for litigation against the church.
3.DNC LIMITED-this individual may only want sister ministers, may only be open to newsletters or postcards. We need a way in Leader's Clerk's Resources to identify those people and the limited contact they desire.
4. LOST- it is unrealistic to expect clerk and branch/ward members to go through the nine steps that are required to remove an unknown person from their ward list. We have 30 active members which includes children and 300 members on our ward list. Many of these people have specifically not provided contact information to the church and want to be lost and left alone. If they don't have an address, email, phone number then send them to the lost members list in Salt Lake City and clean up our roles. It is a tremendous burden and undue levels of guilt on wards and branches that continuously try to track down people that have specifically tried to get lost from the church,

Church leaders, please take note and help us focus on the members that want to be at church so we can keep them active and attending. When the time is right people who have lost their way will have a change in their lives and just like the prodigal son they will reach out to us and we will be ready to embrace them.

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Re: Do Not Contact List/Visibility

Postby russellhltn » Wed Feb 05, 2020 2:55 am

There is a new Handbook coming out this month. If I am reading the news article correctly, it will be just one Handbook - and public. This would suggest that the instructions on how to remove one's name from the church will no longer be in portion only available to Bishoprics and Stake Presidencies.

If true, we may see a change in the dynamic described above.

wbodine wrote:it is unrealistic to expect clerk and branch/ward members to go through the nine steps that are required to remove an unknown person from their ward list.

Correct. And there's nothing in the instructions that say it's the clerk's job. The clerk will compile the information and act on it. The ward council, ministers and maybe even the missionaries should be helping out.
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