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Re: Encouraging Use of Newsletter

Postby rdmuller » Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:18 pm

As I truly love the switch to online services and am most likely the first in our branch to promote these, I am rather disappointed about the following and are therefor not promoting the use of it just yet:
1. In foreign languages, i.e. Dutch, the services provided to members with a Dutch login are very very limited. Probably because it hasn't been translated. For instance, the newsletter and lesson schedules are not available. It is available when we switch to English, but for most of our members this is not an option as their language skills aren't all that great in English.
2. I've noticed that the newsletters updates aren't shared through mail updates. In other words, members don't receive an email when a new newsletter headline has been posted. Emails are checked daily, if not hourly. Websites and especially forums behind logins and then menu selecting options aren't checked as much. And probably with most of our older members not at all.

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