Applying for Jobs with the Church

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Applying for Jobs with the Church

Postby jeremybates » Sun Mar 06, 2016 9:24 am

Hi all,

A long time ago I applied for a few jobs with the Church - in the area my career is in. By reading the job description, like where it asked for 4 years and I have more years than that, of experience - but I still applied. No luck.

I believe jobs in the Church are almost like callings - they aren't actual callings but they are...special, set apart, is there something I could do to increase my chances of getting a call back after applying?

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Re: Applying for Jobs with the Church

Postby abujkabia » Tue Jan 15, 2019 3:23 am

My career is in computer services installation and repair Networking Engineering installation of Firewall, cisco and Meraki and Internet setup in Meeting Houses. Five years experience and serve in various callings in the Church serves as Second Counselor in Enugu District and later District Executive Secretory, Family History Consultant, Seminary Teacher, Seminary Supervisor, Stake Executive Secretory, Stake Technology Specialist and First Counselor in Sunday School in Gariki Ward. I can work for a month trial in any condition
Jonathan A. Kabia
Gariki Ward Enugu Nigeria sTAKE

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Re: Applying for Jobs with the Church

Postby tasipalet » Sat Feb 09, 2019 6:48 am

I am a hard working person in the church to fulfill my calling as a stake clerk almost four year now,and i have work experience as well as a marketing in the resorts in my home town Samoa.
I am always dreams to be a worker in the Church office as a record keeper at Pesega Apia Samoa or BBO to help my family and preparing my self for my wedding this years.
Further information
please conduct me - via phone number ... [phone number removed]

I will be happy to work together with you
Thank you very much
Tasipale Tupuola

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Re: Applying for Jobs with the Church

Postby scgallafent » Sat Feb 09, 2019 10:20 am

Church employment opportunities can be found by going to

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Re: Applying for Jobs with the Church

Postby michele.lee » Fri Sep 27, 2019 8:42 pm

My son got a ton of rejection letters. Not even an interview. He has a BS in the computer field, but apparently they want RECENT experience. How does one get an interview? Can he work for free to show what he can do? It's frustrating!

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