First Presidency Approval for Ward Members Outside the Boundaries

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Re: First Presidency Approval for Ward Members Outside the Boundaries

Postby exec1266 » Tue Sep 03, 2019 6:59 pm

drepouille wrote:The current way we report attendance on the quarterly report is interesting. While visitors are counted for Sacrament Meeting, only members of the ward are counted for attendance at priesthood, Relief Society, YM, YW, and Primary meetings. So other than Sacrament Meeting, we only receive budget funds if the members of our ward attend the meetings of our ward.

Correct. I've always thought of it as the difference between a general budget which is used for all members (Sacrament attendance) and special interest budgets used for a subset of members (quorums and organizations). Since the goal is progressing non-members to members and members to full activity and the next priesthood ordination; this method puts a motivation towards those goals.

Since there can be and often are non-members or visiting members who may participant in organization activities, it can seem like there isn't enough money allotted for the number of people attending. However, since activities should be a simple as possible to achieve their goal and always have a spiritual focus leaders (including youth leaders who should be planning for their organizations) need to focus on creating activities for the budget they have; not the one they wish they had.

This is a great reason we have Ward Council. We've had organizations share their budgets for some activities which they felt would enhance members and non-members experiences but were too large for just one organization's budge.

Hopefully I've conveyed my thoughts without giving offence -that is the last thing I'd want to do.


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