How to create a nonmember record

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A nonmember record can be created for a person who is not a member of the Church but who has family members who are members of the Church. The nonmember record is created to record family relationships so that the nonmember can be listed with other family members. This should only be done for individuals who live in the ward boundaries.

Information about a nonmember relative will be retained on the computer with MLS, cannot be transferred to another ward, and is not considered a membership record.

If the nonmember is a spouse of a member: The current spouse and marriage information should be recorded on the member’s record. Once the nonmember spouse information is listed on the member’s record, do the following:

1. On the MLS menu bar, click Membership. Click Individual Record.

2. Choose the name of the member who has a nonmember spouse. Click OK.

3. On the left side of the screen, click Current Spouse.

4. In the Current Spouse section, click Add Spouse to Household to automatically create the nonmember record and list the nonmember with the member spouse on the membership directories.

Note: If the Add Spouse to Household link is not available, there is either no current spouse recorded on the member’s record or there is already a nonmember record created for this spouse.

5. Click Close.

Note: If the nonmember spouse is male, this procedure will automatically make him the head of household.

If the nonmember is a relative of a member but not the spouse of a member:

1. On the MLS menu bar, click Membership. Click Records. Click Nonmember Record.

2. Enter the complete name, preferred name, and sex of the nonmember. A preferred name is on the person uses that is not the legal name (such as “Bob” for “Robert”). Click Next.

3. Next the question “Is this individual the head of household?” click Yes or No.  If the nonmember is not the head of household, click the Select button and select the head of the house from the list. Click Next.  If the nonmember is the head of household, complete the phone and e-mail information if known. Click Next.

4. Only if the nonmember is the head of household, complete the Residential Address information as completely as possible. Do not complete the Mailing Address information unless it is different from the residential address. Click Next.

5. Review the summary, and then click Close. Click Save.

Note: This will create the nonmember record and assign it to the correct household if the nonmember is not the head of household. Continue with these instructions if the nonmember head of household has additional members to add to the household. Otherwise this task is completed.

6. On the MLS menu bar, click Membership. Click Household Record.

7. Choose the newly created nonmember head of household from the list and click OK.

8. In the Household Members section, click Add Member.

9. Choose the name of the nonmember and click OK.

10. In the Members to Include section, click the boxes of any additional members of the household that should be included. Click Next.

11. Review the summary, and then click Save.

12. The new household structure will be shown on the nonmember’s household screen. Click Close.

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