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The Mormon Channel is a radio service for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints [1]. It provides the ability to listen to live broadcasts, stream recorded church publications and scriptures, and subscribe to church pod casts. The Mormon Channel Android application's primary goal is to bring these services to the Android platform [2]. Providing uplifting and inspirational Internet radio will further the purpose of the Mormon Channel and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Android platform

The Android platform is open source and freely available to hardware vendors. Recent market research suggests that the Android will become the leading smartphone OS by the year 2012[3]. It has been designed not only as a phone, but as a media player and smart phone. This provides developers and user with a platform that is simple to deliver and receive Internet content.


As stated, the primary goal of the Mormon Channel Android Application is to bring the Mormon Channel Services to Android platform users. The user experience is the most critical aspect of achieving this goal. The user should find it simple to use the application and experience the content from the Mormon Channel in a manner both pleasing to the eye and the ears.

By achieving this goal, the Mormon Channel Android Application will directly achieve the goals of the Mormon Channel and the LDS Church. Namely, invite all to come unto Christ. An additional goal of the application, therefore, is to invite all to come unto Christ. This goal is best achieved by providing Mormon Channel content in a manner that fosters spirituality.

Directly related to both these goals is the importance of a good developer experience. Another goal of the Mormon Channel Android application is to foster a proper distributed development life cycle. This goal can be achieved through following a proper software development life cycle with a primary focus on requirements, designs, and documentation. Developers interested in helping should be able to easily jump in to the project and help.


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