Mormon Channel Windows Phone 7

The Mormon Channel Windows Phone 7 application is a streaming radio player that plays the Mormon Channel content. In addition this application will stream Ensign, New Era, and Friend magazine content, General Conference reports, and LDS Scripture content.


The Mormon Channel Windows Phone 7 application is made up of the following assemblies:

  • Mormon.Channel.UI - this is the Windows Phone 7 application project
  • Mormon.Channel.Services - contains code to communicate with the web services which deliver content.

The project uses the following components(contained in the Lib folder):

The above can be found at

  • webservices - These web services tell the application which streams are available. These web services are hosted on the Church's web site and are built in PHP.


We are still in the process of building version 1.0 of the application.

Building and contributing to the Mormon Channel WP7 application project


You will need to meet the following requirements in order to download and build and contribute to the Mormon Channel WP7 application project.

Getting the source code and building the project

To build the Mormon Channel Windows Phone 7 Application, follow these instructions once you have Subversion and Visual Studio 2010 properly installed.

  1. Check out the source code from the LDSTech Subversion repository.
    • Create a folder where you want to perform your work.
    • If using TortoiseSVN: select the folder in File Manager, right-click and select "SVN Checkout" from the context menu.
    • Enter the repository url: " .". When asked for your username/password, enter in your LDS Account user name and password. Please enter your LDS Account user name in all lowercase characters.
  2. Launch Visual Studio and open the solution called "Mormon.Channel.sln". This solution contains 2 projects: Mormon.Channel.UI and Mormon.Channel.Services. Make sure you also pull the Lib folder. Make sure the projects are targeted for "Windows Phone 7 Emulator".
  3. Check the Mormon Channel Jira project for unresolved issues that you can help with. In order to access Jira, you will need to contact Tom Welch and tell him your LDS Account username so that he can add you to the Jira project. Please mention which project you are interested in helping with.

About the streams

All of the streams are mp3 streams delivered via HTTP.


How do I suggest new features or report bugs?
Simply go to the Jira project and add a new issue or add it to the Features Wish List section above.
If I have questions about the source code or the project, whom should I contact?
Contact Mark Tucker for questions about the project.
Can I use this source code for other unrelated projects?
The radio and web services source code is copyrighted by the Church and/or other parties. You must seek permission before using any of this code. Caliburn.Micro(MIT License) and Json.NET(MIT License) are open source and free to use and modify according to their accompanying licenses.

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