A Technology Buffet Print
Written by Tom Welch   
Friday, 16 March 2007

Within the Church ICS Department, we have a menu of technologies that are available to a team when working on a project. I call this menu the "technology buffet." Here is how the menu works. 

There are three general categories that govern each of the product categories. Those general categories are as follows:


Items within this category are technologies that are currently in use at the Church but that we no longer wish to use to implement new solutions. We will continue to support these technologies as long as the products that depend on them are in use.


Items within this category are technologies that teams can choose from when working on a new project. These products have gone through a vetting process to understand and ensure that the technology works well within our enterprise and for the solutions the team is working on.


Items within this category are technologies that the Church is monitoring, but has not officially adopted. These are technologies that are just evolving. Some may have been around for a while but have not matured to the point of being used in an enterprise.

Within each of these general categories are product categories, such as "databases," "languages," and so forth. The following diagram will help identify how this works.




We are constantly adding to, removing, and editing items on this menu. Many times we see ways we can integrate new technology in ways we previously had not thought of, and that technology will find its way onto our technology menu. The technology menu is open for anyone to contribute to. Each new entry goes through the same vetting process until it is either disqualified or finds its way into one of the general categories.

This menu process helps us at the Church to serve our customers better and produce higher quality products.

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