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Tommy's Tips: Volume 1 Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Tom Welch   
Friday, 09 March 2007
While I was working at Linspire, Inc., serving as the CTO, I came up with a monthly article called "Tommy's Tips". The purpose of this article was to teach people some of the lesser-known features of the Linspire operating system. I thought that I would start the same tradition here.

Tip 1: New Posts

The forums are getting very busy and it is harder to keep up with all of the threads that have new posts. However, there is an easy way for you to see every post that has not been read.  Once you have logged in to the forums, simply click on the "New Posts" link inside of the navigation bar towards the top of the screen. This link will show you all posts that you have not read.  his is how I get through reading each and every post on the forums.

Tip 2: Tech Home Page

I know that many people may not go to the main technology home page very often. In fact, some of you may have a bookmark to the forum site. However, we are constantly updating the main page with news, technical information, blogs from managers at the Church, and, of course, my blog. There is a lot of good information that you won't want to miss. 

Tip 3: Searching the Forums

There is a wealth of information in the forums, but getting the information out of the forums may be difficult. When searching, don't forget that you can use wildcards and you can use words like "and" and "or" to filter the results. For example, if you want to search for all posts that have the word "scriptures" and the word "study,", enter "scriptures and study" in the search field. If you want to find all posts with the words "scriptures" or "study" (either one), enter "scriptures or study". You can mix wildcards in your searching as well. Try searching for "mission* and ward" and you will find all posts that have any word beginning with "mission" and the word "ward" in the post. Searching is not case sensitive.

Tip 4: RSS Feeds

We have a couple of different RSS feed options for you on the site. You can subscribe to an RSS feed of all new entries posted on the home page. Also, you can subscribe to an RSS feed of all new threads or of specific threads. To subscribe to various RSS feeds within the forum, you have a choice of two formats:  RSS 0.91 and RSS 2.0. The differences are as follows:

These URLs provide an RSS feed of all new threads in all publicly viewable forums. If you want to specify particular forums, simply add "forumids" to the URL as follows:,3,18

This example would get all new threads in forums with the ID of 12, 3, and 18. To determine the forum ID, simply hover over a specific forum on the main forum page and look at the end of the URL line. It will have a "f=###" where "###" is the forum ID.

I hope that you find these tips helpful. Share your tips and comments about this article here



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