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Written by Tom Welch   
Thursday, 01 March 2007

It has often been said that "a goal not written is only a wish." To that end I'd like to share with you a couple of the goals that we have set for 2007 for this Web site and for the LDS technology community.

In an address given to the young adults on October 18, 1981,  Elder M. Russell Ballard said:

"I would suggest that if you want to have success in the goal-setting process, you learn to write your goals down. I would even put them in a prominent place—on your mirror or on the refrigerator door" ("Go for It!" New Era, Mar. 2004,4). 

I can't think of a more prominent place for me to put these goals than on this Web site. I realize that in order for us to achieve these goals, we will need everyone's help and support.

Goal #1: 10,000 Registered Users

I'd like to see the community grow much bigger than it currently is.  For us to leverage the talents and capabilities of members of the Church worldwide, we need to get more users registered on this Web site. The more people we have registered, the more opinions, expertise, and experience that we can draw on to make better products and services.  To reach our goal of 10,000 users for 2007, we need to hit the following monthly goals for new users.



As you can see from these monthly goals, we have a lot to do make others aware of how they can help, but I am confident that if we all pull together we will be able to achieve our yearly goal.

Goal #2: Host Three Technical Workshops

Over the next year we will host three technical workshops. The purpose of these workshops will be to get people involved with different solutions that would benefit the Church. The workshops will have two different tracks.

1. Finding Solutions to Problems

This track will focus on specific problems that we currently face at the Church. Before the event we will publish a problem that we are trying to solve. Those attending this track would then be able to spend a few hours one evening in coming up with ideas and solutions for the problem. Obviously, the more people we have attending, the better input and possible solutions we will get.

2. Work on an Open-Source Project

Those attending this track will need to bring their laptop, and while attending the session, will roll up their sleeves and help work on an open-source project. The project that we will be working on will be announced before the meeting. During this track, attendees will actually get help setting up the development environment, getting the latest version of the source code, and getting started on specific tasks. The goal is to get more people involved with the development of various open-source projects.

These workshops will be hosted where we have a large number of community members to best leverage the help. However, we will also host some of these sessions via the Web. For example, instead of meeting at a specific location, we all meet "virtually" and use IM chat groups, the forums, and other technologies to communicate and discuss the various issues and tracks. This would allow those from other parts of the world the opportunity to attend and contribute. 

As we work toward our goals for 2007, I want to thank you for your continued support and your willingness to help. It is exciting to see the growth of this community.

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