The Local Unit Copier Program and How It Can Help You Print
Written by Dennis Horne   
Thursday, 05 February 2009
Copiers have long been useful in enabling local units to communicate with and inform members of necessary things, such as programs, lessons, minutes, talks, certificates, phone number and address lists, and roles. All of these would either disappear or become far more time-consuming and expensive if not for today’s copiers and multifunctional devices (MFD).

Since 2005, for the U.S. and Canada, the Church has instituted a copier purchase program. Purchased copiers have been placed in all authorized meetinghouse locations in the United States and Canada. Under the direction of the Presiding Bishopric, this new program replaced the former leasing program, and is administered cooperatively by the Materials Management Department (Purchasing Division), and the Physical Facilities Department (facilities management groups). These groups work with the Headquarters Copier Administration team to set standards, develop guidelines, choose vendors, and negotiate prices. Better and faster copiers or MFDs have been purchased at a much lower cost than would otherwise be possible.

The single most difficult obstacle to overcome during the transition process is the education and training of local members with copier responsibility. Members often don’t have experience with newer copier technology.

The LDSTech Clerks and Technology Support Forum presents continually expanding copier program information. This forum serves as a repository of the latest information about the Church’s current copier program and copier technology.

Helping Members Perform Their Callings in Temporal Matters

Headquarters Copier Administration, a group charged with assisting Facilities Management Groups in educating local members and leaders about the local unit copier program, helps members serve more effectively. Those with assignments that include responsibility over copiers (often the most expensive and sophisticated equipment in the materials center) can read the forum to find information to assist them in their calling. The forum explains the purchase program and many associated details — for example, Headquarters Copier Administration’s phone number, frequently asked questions, and how to obtain supplies and service.

The Goal—Eliminate Confusion and Educate Members

As more people view the copier information posted on LDSTech forum, and ask questions or provide answers, the forum will become more successful. Information and directions posted on the forum act as educational materials for Facility Managers (FM) and members in local units to reduce confusion about the copier program. By familiarizing themselves with the various questions and answers, leaders and members with copier responsibility can train themselves to obtain supplies and place service calls, and learn basic copier use.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Headquarters Copier Administration has posted answers to frequently asked questions about the program. A sub-forum has also been provided where readers can ask questions and receive answers. LDSTech Forum moderators and participants are competent to answer many technical questions, including those relating to copiers. Vendor representatives can also answer the most difficult questions.

Dennis Horne is the coordinator of the local unit copier program for the Church.

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