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LDS Maps Update - Community Counts Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Jim Byer   
Thursday, 04 December 2008

Over the summer, the Church released a new version of the Meetinghouse Locator called LDS Maps. This can be accessed from and or directly at  This application has proven to be a valuable tool to locate places of worship anywhere in the world.

One of the best features of the new LDS Maps application is its ability to allow Web users to submit feedback directly to the LDS Maps development team at the Church. We appreciate community members around the world who have reported location errors and data inaccuracies.

Enhancement requests are being reviewed and prioritized as we plan for future releases. So far over 6,000 feedback entries have been received.  One of the more popular requests is the ability to see all meetinghouses within a city, instead of just the three closest.  We are looking into this, as well as ways to allow a member to sign in through LDS Account and see additional Church resources and related information on the map (such as ward boundaries, member households, nearest temple, etc.).

The team is also working on translating LDS Maps to benefit more people worldwide. This has some challenges as the number of languages we can provide will depend on the languages Google and Microsoft support.  We are hopeful that vendors will add support for additional languages beyond what is currently offered.

Please stay tuned and continue to send us your feedback and suggestions so we can make LDS Maps more useful for you!

Jim Byer is a senior engineer for the Church.

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