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Joel Dehlin

Joel Dehlin  Chief Information Officer

I work at my Church. 

Joel Dehlin knows "…there is no better professional feeling than to work for a cause you believe in right down to the depths of your soul." As Chief Information Officer for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he is responsible for worldwide technology vision, architecture, project execution, operations and support.

Before Church employment, he worked at Microsoft for 11 years in various roles, and at Arthur Andersen and Novell prior to that. He co-authored the book Object Programming with Visual Basic, has 18 patents or patents pending, and currently serves as a member of the CIO Research Board.

Most of all, Joel values his role as husband and father. When away from the office he enjoys coaching his children's sports teams, playing "Go" and other strategy board games, and snowboarding. 



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