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Pete Whiting

Pete Whiting Director of Architecture

Rain or shine. That’s Pete Whiting’s motto for his commute to work. Regardless of weather, you can find Pete riding his bike through the mountains north of Salt Lake to get to and from work. Maybe it is this self-discipline that allows Pete to bring such a keen technological focus to the vision and strategy of the Church’s IT initiatives.

Pete has a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a broad professional background ranging from submarine communication systems to running tier-1 Internet backbones. He has worked as a senior scientist at IBM, a chief technologist at Sprint, and as the director of engineering for VeriCenter. Wonderful people, exciting projects, and the greater sense of purpose are what drove Pete’s decision to start working for the Church in July of 2005.

Pete and his team of architects help the organization make consistent and technically sound business decisions. These skilled architects work on various projects across the enterprise, finding solutions that leverage technology to help Church employees and members become more effective and efficient.



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