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Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson Director of Quality Assurance

Tim Anderson wanted to use his talents to make a positive difference, and he has found it working for the Church. In the 1 ½ years he’s been here he’s brought the industry’s best-practices to ensure top-level security of the most precious data assets of the Church. He was drawn to the Church for span of the global enterprise which presents a new set of challenges.

Tim’s experience with quality assurance comes from nine years at Symantec Corporation where he led their QA group. Before that he was in customer support and testing for eight years at WordPerfect/Novell/Corel.

As director of Quality Assurance, Tim oversees information security and the risk compliance asset teams. He created the QA team, now comprised of over 60 talented engineers imbedded within development teams. Together these teams are dedicated to the discipline of software testing and quality assurance. He also manages the development process and stack teams from conception to production.

The testing team is working on building a network of testing professionals who are willing to donate their time and talent to testing Church software and quality. This would be a great opportunity for those interested in testing, risk and QA to see the inside workings of the Church and donate to furthering the work of the Lord.



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