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LDSTech Newsletter Archive

November 2008

With the addition of the LDSTech Wiki to the LDS Technology site, Church and community collaboration is expanding.

Site Update

Registered users of the LDS Tech forums have grown by 48% in the last six months. Thank you for helping making LDS Tech a success, and please continue to tell your friends and family members about LDS Tech.

Where in the World are LDSTech Users?

With the recent addition of a mandatory location field for LDSTech forum user registration, over 1,000 user locations were collected. The LDS Tech administrators thought it would be fun to create a Google Earth file using the data.

Read Where in the World Are LDS Tech Users? at LDSTech and download the Google Earth file to see where LDS Tech users are located.

Community Spotlight

This month we posed a few questions to GarysTurn, a member of our technology community since February 2007. His knowledge and involvement in the family history forums caught our attention and we are happy to have him join our moderator team. His professional attitude, helpful advice, and deep knowledge made him a perfect fit to help moderate the LDS Technology forums.

LDSTech: What is your technical background?

GarysTurn: I graduated from LDS Business College in accounting. In college, I also studied computer programming in COBAL, PASCAL, and BASIC. We wrote our computer programs on punched cards back then. After graduation, I sold computers and electronics for eight years. I have written business applications in BASIC, DBASE, and ACCESS. I have several Web sites related to family history.

LDSTech: How did you find LDSTech?

GarysTurn: I just happened upon LDS Tech while doing family history searches.

LDSTech: What do you enjoy most about LDSTech?

GarysTurn: I enjoy following family history and technology-related subjects.

LDSTech: What potential do you think LDSTech has? Do you have any ideas for the site?

GarysTurn: I think it is a big step for the Church to communicate with the community the way LDS Tech has allowed. I see LDS Tech as a way to get help from the community in developing more technology projects. I would like to see the forums made available for every area of the Church.

Opportunities to Help

There are many ways you can volunteer your technical talents to build the Church. Generally we need Web designers to help design some of the projects we are working on.

We launched a new project on the LDS Tech Wiki called the Church Historical Timeline Application. It is intended to present Church history, world history, and eventually personal events in a visual chronology and enable the user to scroll through time and click on individual events to get more information and to learn more about a given historical event. This project is in the early design phases and we need your input and help. We currently need help with the following tasks:

  • Design a Landing/dashboard page Web Designer
  • Design timeline/event creation pages Web Designer
  • Other Screen Comps Web Designer

Please obtain an LDS Account and visit the wiki for other help needed



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