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June 2009

If it's been a while since you've visited Tech, there is a lot going on. Our updated Purpose page can help explain the threefold purpose of the site. The Code of Conduct for the Tech Forums has also been updated. Please review it.

Twitter Challenge

In the last month, Tech reached 421 followers. We would like to expand our network to at least 1,000 followers. If each of us gets just two people to follow us we will achieve our goal. Remember, we will update you about new featured articles, opportunities to help with Church projects, hot topics in the forums, and technical job positions.

Mormon Channel iPhone Application - now available!

The Mormon Channel iPhone Application, developed by the Tech community, is now available. The application allows iPhone and iTouch users to stream content from the Mormon Channel, the official radio station of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Get the Mormon Channel iPhone Application for free in the iTunes store. Additional development on the app is still underway. If you're interested in working on this project, see the Community Projects Status below.

From the Archives

What Does Quality Feel Like Online?

by Chris Mayfield

When you shut the door of a new BMW, you hear a gratifyingly solid-sounding thump. It feels good to pick up a small, unassuming digital camera, only to find that it is surprisingly sturdy and heavy. Many companies who make physical objects use fine materials and many other techniques to give their products a sense of quality and craftsmanship.

In a world of cheap plastic and sloppy details, I’ve noticed that the feel of a nicely handcrafted object brings me much gratification—and sometimes even endears an object to me. This realization has made me wonder, “What is the Web equivalent?”

The Web’s expansion has exploded. In fact, over the last ten years, the number of Web sites has grown from a few million to somewhere around 150 million. With so many new Web sites being created daily, it becomes difficult for people who are involved in creating Web sites to find and identify a quality Web experience. It’s easy for our Web experience expectations to become low.

Even though a Web site isn’t something you can pick up and feel, there are many effective ways you can create the feeling of quality. The following attributes are just a few of the tips and tricks that I have found that work together to give a Web site that feeling of quality.

Read full article.

Clerk Wiki

Did you know that the MLS "Tip of the Week" is archived on the Clerks Wiki? See the Tip of the Week wiki page to see all tips from 2009.

Community Projects Status

Community collaboration is continuing to increase at an exciting pace. There are currently nine projects underway at the Tech Wiki. Some of the new projects include:

  • Mormon Channel iPhone Application: Earlier this month the Mormon Channel, the official radio station of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was released. Now we're continuing work on the iPhone application to accompany the site.
  • Coda Application: Coda (COmunnity DAta) is a project to aid other community collaboration projects. We are creating a fictional membership database with an accompanying application to maintain and change that database.

We need people of all technical backgrounds to help with documentation, development, design, testing, and implementation. If you have a desire to collaborate with the Church on technology solutions, your help is needed and appreciated.

You can always see the projects we are seeking help with by visiting our Current Needs wiki page. If you would like to help on any projects, please follow the instructions found on our Requirements for Participation wiki page.

Community Spotlight

This month we would like to spotlight AileneRHerrick. She is new but active member of our community whom we welcome!

Tech: What is your technical background?

AileneRHerrick: I am a Ward Website Administator for my ward. I took a couple of web design classes in high school. Most everything else I know I gleaned from the Internet.

Tech: How did you find Tech?

AileneRHerrick: It was posted on the Church homepage.

Tech: What do you enjoy most about Tech?

AileneRHerrick: I enjoy learning from other people's experiences in the Forums, and using their knowledge to improve the way that I serve in my calling as a Ward Website Administrator.

Tech: What potential do you think Tech has? Do you have any ideas for the site?

AileneRHerrick: I think it has great potential, and I think that anyone with a technical calling should visit Tech frequently. I think it would be great to have an official tips and tricks for the technical callings on this site, where administrators post their favorite tips and tricks for everyone to use. It would be a great resource for people newly called to technical positions. I would also love to see beta testing of new applications in progress made available to those in the community.



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