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LDSTech Newsletter Archive

August 2009

LDSTech Talk 2009

You are invited to participate in the second annual online LDSTech Talk hosted by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on September 17 at 6:00 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

Last year, Joel Dehlin, managing director of ICS and the CIO of the Church, gave a presentation and answered some of your questions via webcast. Download the inaugural online LDSTech Talk from August 2008.

We encourage you to submit questions early by filling out the LDSTech Talk Question form. Please keep questions short and concise. Use the #ldstechtalk hashtag to discuss the event on Twitter.

In addition to the opportunity of having your questions answered by Joel and a panel of Church employees, we will also present the 2009 LDSTech Awards. Please take the opportunity to nominate someone who deserves to be recognized for their efforts. There will be three categories this year:

  • Helping Hand: recognizing an individual who has gone the extra mile to help and guide others within the LDSTech community
  • Top Tester: recognizing an individual who has helped test and improve community development projects
  • Coding Guru: recognizing an individual who has made significant code contributions on a community development project

Nominate someone for the LDSTech Awards.
Register for the LDSTech Talk by September 15, 2009.

More details are forthcoming.

From the Archives

The Local Unit Support Group
by Chris Lund

It’s Tuesday night and you are the ward finance clerk. The bishop has asked you to provide him with some information pertaining to the most recent tithes and offerings batch that was just deposited last Sunday. You log in to MLS and try to get the information, but you get a system error that will not let you complete your assigned task. You’ve never seen this error before, and it will not let you proceed until you resolve the problem.

The second counselor who is there doesn’t know what to do, and you’re unable to reach the stake clerk or stake technology specialist for help with your problem. Does this sound familiar? Anyone who has served in the bishopric, stake presidency, or mission office has at one time or another felt frustrated by a membership, finance, or computer system malfunction.

Read full article.

Community Projects Status

We have a lot of projects being developed with the help of the community. Some of the more active ones are:

  • Local Unit Web Site Project: A community project to replace the existing local unit web site.
  • Child Protection Act System: A special project to help build a certification system for the Church in Australia.
  • Mormon Channel Project: With the successful launch of the Mormon Channel iPhone application, people have been requesting a similar service for many other devices.
  • CODA: A project to create a fictional membership database with an accompanying application to maintain and change that database to be used in developing and testing other LDSTech community projects.
  • Cumorah: A Microsoft Visual Basic application that is used to manage a Church-owned cemetery in Japan. We need experts in VB to perform code reviews and to review the database architecture.

If you have a desire to collaborate with the Church on technology solutions, your help is needed and appreciated. Visit our Current Needs wiki page to see a list of projects we are seeking help with. If you would like to help on any projects, please follow the instructions found on our Requirements for Particiaption wiki page.

Community Spotlight

This month we would like to spotlight MorettiDP, an active and devoted member of the LDSTech forums since its inception. He is from Brazil, and his native language is Portuguese.

LDSTech: What is your technical background?

MorettiDP: I am a newly graduated computer technician. My specialty is in information technology support and training, and I have received training in these areas. In short, I only know a little about some IT areas. I believe I am a generalist and an enthusiast.

How did you find LDSTech?

I was called by our stake president as STS (stake technology specialist) in August 2006 when the first computers with MLS (version 2.2.x) arrived in our stake. I had already served four years as assistant ward clerk, one year as the executive secretary, and served as an unofficial assistant stake clerk. Our stake president was interested in calling someone with both technical issues knowledge and administrative issues knowledge. In January 2007 I was a computer technician student with a little technical knowledge and many ideas in my head. It was at that time I began to search for more informations about how to work properly as STS. I discovered that the Church had created a Web site (with a forum) called LDSTech just weeks earlier and that I could participate. I haven't stopped participating since.

What do you enjoy most about LDSTech?

The opportunity for people to help themselves and to help one another. I believe that the Church has never been as close to its members with technology, and this site is a strong part of that initiative.

LDSTech: What potential do you think LDSTech has? Do you have any ideas for the site?

The site must urgently be translated into other languages. Many technologies currently in use by the Church are restricted to the United States and Canada. It would be wonderful to internationalize Church administration tools to best help all members around the world have the same experience to serve in the gospel of Jesus Christ. With more community work, I believe that the Church could achieve this in an effective manner.



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