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Written by Tom Johnson   
Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Although the Church has more than 500 properties, from camps to lodges to ranches, there isn't a single content management system that centralizes all Church property information. Instead, many of the Web sites are independent of one another, inconsistent with each other and often incomplete, and maintained by different groups. When you try to locate a property, it can be hard to see the specific rules, availability, cost, activities, and amenities from one property to the next.

The Recreation Properties project will provide a central content management system to manage all the recreation property sites for the Church from a single administrative interface. Each of the recreation properties will contain standard information about the property, including:

  • Map and location
  • Activity areas and amenities
  • Camp sites, cabins, lodges
  • Rules about the property
  • Reservation details and cost
  • Schedule and availability
  • Room and sleeping capacity
  • Restrooms and showers
  • Amphitheaters

The recreation properties sites – eventually centralized at – will use a standard Church template to maintain the look and feel of one site to the next. Web administrators will be able to manage information for each property site, adding pictures, coordinating schedules, updating property details, responding to queries, and providing other details about the properties.

As people browse the different sites, it will be similar to looking at a rack of brochures for the Church's properties, with all the information they need at hand to make informed decisions. People will be able to search all Church properties and filter by different property features, such as location, capacity, or availability. People will also be able to reserve Church properties and submit payments online through the property's Web site.

As people make property reservations, the reservations will be tracked and compiled for the property. The usage data will then be generated into various reports, including financial reports, usage reports, vacancy and cancelation reports, and more. These reports will assist property managers in planning and managing the properties.

Getting Involved

The Recreation Properties project is in its early stages and needs developers and designers to join the project. To get involved in the recreation properties project, follow these three steps:

  1. If you're new to the Tech community, complete the agreement form at Getting Involved.
  2. Read about the Recreation Properties application's requirements and user stories.
  3. Contact Tom Welch, Technology Community Manager, and let him know that you want to get started.

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