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Bob Newman

Robert Newman  Director of Global Operations and Infrastructure Services 

Robert Newman, director of operations and infrastructure services, started working for the Church in October 2007. He oversees all IT product management, communications, infrastructure services, operations, and support services.

Robert grew up in Florida and graduated from the University of Florida as a “tried and true” Gators fan with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, emphasis in computer science. After graduation, Robert spent 10 years at Sprint serving in all roles of the software development lifecycle. He then moved to Corporate Express, where he worked as senior vice president of infrastructure services. Prior to joining Church employment, Bob ran the service delivery organization at Infocrossing, Inc., an IT outsourcing company in Broomfield, Colorado.

Having spent 25 years in commercial industry, Robert appreciates a work environment where his personal values are in alignment with his employer’s values. Robert loves the outdoors and enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family at the beach, throwing a Frisbee.



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