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Tech Forum Will Soon Be Using Church Account Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Cassie McDaniel   
Friday, 26 February 2010

Church Account provides you with a single user name and password to interact with online Church resources. Church Account will become the primary authentication method for most Church sites and applications.

The Tech forums will be switching to Church Account in the near future. To help prepare for this migration, we need you to visit the Tech Forum Account Migration page to move your forum account to a Church Account. You will have 4 weeks to make this migration.

People with Tech Forum user names and passwords will be prompted to enter their Church Account information to create the link. Those who do not associate their Tech Forum account with a Church Account will have their forum accounts disabled.

To obtain a Church Account, visit the Register for an Account page. Members of the Church will need their member registration number (MRN) and birth date. If you don’t know your MRN, ask your ward or branch clerk for your Individual Ordinance Summary. If you are temple endowed, your MRN can be found on the back of your temple recommend.

Individuals who are not members of the Church are also invited to register for a Church Account. You will not need any membership information for this. Visit the Non-member Account Registration page.

If you are a member of the Church and you don’t know your membership information, we ask that you do not sign up as a non-member.

Please send an e-mail to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you need help.

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