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Talent Profile: Matching Your Skills to Relevant Projects Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Tom Johnson   
Thursday, 18 November 2010

One of the challenges in aligning community volunteers with projects has been matching up the right talent with the right project.

For example, a community volunteer might say he or she has PHP expertise. A project manager begins a project that requires PHP development. If the community had just a few volunteers and project managers, it wouldn’t be a problem matching the two up.

But we have more than 1,000 community volunteers and nearly 30 active projects, with plans to grow much larger. Volunteer skills are as varied as project requirements. Some volunteers are experts in Ruby, others in Python, others in .NET. Others are experienced UX designers, or CakePHP experts, or Google Web Toolkit enthusiasts.

Until now, there has been no way to automatically map volunteer skills to project needs. Project managers have had to manually sift for relevant talent; volunteers have had to manually browse for relevant projects.

Talent Pool, the previous application designed to collect skills information, lacked the ability to tie volunteer skills to an existing database of projects. Talent Pool did an okay job of collecting contact information, but it didn't provide a robust way to manage that information according to project needs. As a result, it was difficult to find the right talent for projects.

Introducing Talent Profile

Talent Profile is a new, enhanced tool on LDSTech that automatically matches volunteer talent to project needs. With Talent Profile, you create a profile that lists your contact information and skills. You can then browse and join available projects, or see what projects automatically match your skills.

Within Talent Profile, project managers can define the skills they need for their projects and run reports showing all volunteers that have those skills. They can also send all team members an email, and highlight the contact information for project leads. Best of all, the entire system is managed directly within the LDSTech interface.

How do I add my profile?

Sign in with your LDS Account username and password in the sidebar. Then click the Talent Profile tab that appears in the top navigation. The Talent Profile page has three subtabs: Profile, Skills, and Projects.

  1. Profile. On the Profile tab, add your contact information. (If you already submitted your profile and skills previously in Talent Pool, your information has already been imported.)
  2. Skills. Select each of your skills along with the proficiency level. If your skill isn’t listed, click Add new skill to add it.
  3. Projects. Browse the available projects. When you find a project that interests you, click Join this project. The project page will show you key links and other details.

What happens after I join a project?

After joining a project, your name is added to the list of other team members that the project manager can see. On the sidebar of Tech, you will see the projects you've signed up for (under My Projects).

What’s the “Projects I’m Qualified For” section about?

The Projects I’m Qualified For section in the sidebar shows all projects that have a need for your skills. Talent Profile automatically matches your skills with project needs.

Note: If a project doesn’t appear in the Projects I’m Qualified For section, you can still join the project.


Talent Profile will help organize the database of talent that exists within the community and align it to needed projects. This can help speed the work on community projects. Of course, Talent Profile won't work unless you add your profile to it, so add your profile if you haven't already. If you already added your profile, review your skill selections to make sure they're still accurate.

If you have any feedback about Talent Profile, let us know in the comments below this post. You can also send feedback directly to the community manager who created this application, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



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