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David Burggraaf

David Burggraaf   Director of Software Development

David hasn’t ceased being fascinated by computers since his father gave him his first computer in 1980. He started programming when he was just 13 years old on the Timex Sinclair. This self-taught guru has done scores of projects in software development and brings a new vision and perspective to Church software.

After 12 years working as developer for Microsoft, David left and began working for the Church in July of 2006. At Microsoft he worked on the Windows, BackOffice, and Enterprise Tools teams. His last five years were spent leading the development team responsible for the Visual C++ product (both business and technical). Much of Microsoft's revenue--as well as that of the software industry in general--is generated with products built with Visual C++.

David came to Church employment after meeting Joel Dehlin at a Tech Talk in Seattle. Joel pursued David for a year, encouraging him to consider coming to work for the Church. “Finally he convinced me to pray about it, and the rest is history,” David recalls. “I knew that it was the right thing for me and my family and have been amazed at the blessings that have prepared me for this opportunity and that have continued to come since making the decision to do so.”

Reflecting on what he loves about working for the Church, David states that it has a perfect blend of values and technology, allowing engineering professionals the best of both worlds. “Here’s an incredible group of technologists fulfilling the mission of the Church, who want to do what is right – you don’t find that anywhere else.” Now David is happy spending time with the three things he loves – his family, his church, and technology.



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