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We’re at Full Capacity for the LDSTech Conference! Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Tom Johnson   
Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Last year we had about 200 participants at the LDSTech Conference. This year we have 400 registrants, with another 200+ on the waiting list. This means we are at full capacity. The interest and growth in the LDSTech conference this year has been phenomenal. Here are a few last minute notes before the conference.

Register Now for the Sessions You Plan to Attend

Please register for all the sessions you plan to attend at the conference. All sessions are posted on the LDSTech Conference Registration site at Registering for each session helps us estimate room sizes. We want to ensure popular sessions get larger rooms. Registering for a session doesn’t guarantee you a seat, but since it helps us allocate correct room sizes, it increases the likelihood that seating will be available for that session.

To register for your sessions:

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Click a session you want to attend.
  3. In the session’s pop-up window, click Register.

Registering for a session adds it to your conference agenda. You can unregister from that session at any time by clicking the X next to that session on your agenda.

Join Your Projects in Talent Profile

In Talent Profile, add yourself to the projects you will be working on before the conference begins. The projects you join in Talent Profile should match the sessions you’re signed up for at the conference. Selecting a project ahead of time helps ensure your conference time is productive and assists project managers in planning work for their teams.

To join a project in Talent Profile:

  1. On, log in through the sidebar.
  2. Click the Project/Talent Profile tab that appears on the top navigation.
  3. Click the Projects subtab.
  4. Click a project name to view its details.
  5. Click the Join button.

The team will be notified by e-mail that a new member has joined the project.

Make Sure Your Laptop Has Wireless Capability

Make sure you bring a laptop that has wireless capability. Due to security restrictions, you cannot plug a network cable into a network port at the Riverton Office Building. However, you can connect to a Church wifi network – as long as your laptop has wireless capability. If your laptop doesn’t have wireless capability, you will need to add a wireless network card to it.

View Recorded Sessions Later If You Can't Attend

Limitations of space, food, and other resources require us to limit the conference participants to about 400 people (this year).  But even if you’re on the waiting list, you can still participate on these projects. Many of the sessions will be recorded, which will allow those at home to participate later. The keynotes will be streamed (see details on the LDSTech Conference page). Also, remember that the time at the conference is intended only as the beginning. It’s where you get oriented and started, and then continue on after the conference ends. So even if you can't attend, you can still participate in community projects.

Follow Twitter During the Conference

During the conference, we will keep you updated via Twitter (@ldstech) and the hashtag #ldstech. Twitter will be your source for news, information, and general events. Include #ldstech in your tweets to ensure that other conference attendees (who may not be following you) can find your tweets. You can see all tweets with #ldstech by searching for this hashtag at

Check out the Special Hyrum Smith Presentation

We’ve added a special presentation at the close of the conference on Friday. E. Gary Smith, third great-grandson of Hyrum Smith, brother of the Prophet, and his wife, Elizabeth Shaw Smith, will tell behind-the-scenes stories of Hyrum and Joseph in the fascinating early days of the Restoration and the martyrdom, using family heirlooms and relics which have been handed down in Gary’s family. If you plan to attend this special presentation, add it to your agenda as you register for conference sessions.

We look forward to working with you at the conference. For more details about the conference, see the LDSTech Conference page.



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