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LDSTech Conference Stats and Analysis Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Tom Johnson   
Thursday, 05 May 2011

Update on LDSTechLast month we held the second annual LDSTech Conference. Here are a few facts and statistics about the conference.

  • Number of attendees: 286
  • Peak connections to the keynote stream: 85
  • Total participants (attendees + stream): 371
  • US states attendees: Utah, Montana, Pennsylvania, California, Washington, Texas, Arizona, Nebraska, and more
  • International attendees: Canada, Australia, Mexico, England, and more
  • Number of projects: 26 plus a few ad hoc efforts

These numbers are all up from last year. During the past year, we had only 10 community projects and 200 attendees. (We could have expanded the conference with more attendees, but we hit full capacity for the year early on in the registration.)

As general feedback from the conference, individuals reported the following:

  • They were able to do more work this year than last.
  • The conference had improved from last year.
  • More events like these would be more beneficial (rather than just once a year).

Based on this feedback, we have started a monthly LDSTech Service day. Thank you to everyone who participated in the conference. We captured a few informal video interviews with various participants. We’ll be posting a few of these videos every day during the coming weeks.



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