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Written by Jacob Stark   
Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Jacob StarkOver 7,000 webcast events were generated in 2010, and today there are close to 800 stakes worldwide that are currently using either the Webcast Communicator device or the Meetinghouse Webcast software.

Under the direction of the stake president, webcasting allows you to broadcast stake meetings to other buildings within your stake, reducing travel burdens and saving money for local members and leaders.

For geographically large stakes, or stakes where the entire membership cannot fit into a single meetinghouse at one time, the Meetinghouse Webcast software enables you to broadcast a meeting across the Internet at no cost to the ward or stake. (Note: Webcasting any meeting must be approved by the Stake Presidency prior to initiating the broadcast.)

What's New

Meetinghouse WebcastLast month a new production version of the Meetinghouse Webcast software was released to the public.

This new version of the webcasting software includes some much-requested feature enhancements from the prior software version. It also allows for more flexibility in controlling the broadcast than is currently available with the Webcast Communicator hardware device.

Some of the key features of the new software include:

  • Updated Technology Platform: This version includes support for more input devices, as well as better support for webcasting features.
  • Multiple Cameras and Audio Inputs: You can switch between different input devices during a live webcast.
  • Rest Videos and Images: You can select and display images during the webcast.
  • Multilingual Interface: The interface is now available in English or Spanish, with more languages on the way.

Webcasting meetings provides a great benefit to members of geographically dispersed stakes, where travel can become a burden. The new Meetinghouse Webcast software will provide a richer experience for those who are already webcasting but are looking for more flexibility in their broadcast. For more information on Meetinghouse Webcast, see

For those stakes that do not need the extra flexibility offered by the software version, and who still want an extremely simple device without the added features, the Webcast Communicator will still remain available for their use.

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