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Dave Prestwich

Dave Prestwich  Director of Infrastructure Engineering

"I can't imagine what kind of job I would have done 50 years ago, before IT.  IT is where my passion is.  Managing technology and making it work for businesses is just cool.

Dave grew up through the ranks performing roles in Unix system administration, network engineering, database administration, programming and architecture.

Dave has performed many leadership roles including CTO for an Internet startup in the halcyon days of the late 90's, and president of Satel corp, a Utah-based consulting company performing system integration to fortune 500 clients, before becoming the Director of Infrastructure Engineering at the Church.

Dave was responsible for a large system integration at the Olympics, the first games completed by a consortium of providers after the main technology provider for 30 years walked away. This entailed huge technical risks, version 1.0 of the 100's of pieces of software, in an environment where you can't call for a redo.  The technology performed flawlessly, avoiding many of the mistakes of the 30 year provider.

"In many ways, working for the Church is the culmination of years of experience in technology, giving me a chance to put to use all that I have learned for the purpose that I believe the technology was created for".



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