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Written by Scott Olson   
Monday, 11 July 2011 allows you to share your talents by providing media that can be used to share the gospel worldwide. The site currently allows you to submit your photos and videos, but in the future you will be able to submit much more.

After you submit your photos or videos, Church designers will look for submitted media that meets their project needs and use it in magazines, videos, brochures, presentations, and other Church products. Members will be able to download much of what is submitted for their own gospel-oriented, non-commercial use, such as creating a video.

Current Media Needs

More than anything else, we currently need photos and videos of people. We need to show members living the gospel in many ways. It might be a mother sitting talking with her young son with the scriptures open. It could be a single adult praying. It could be someone looking excited or discouraged or contemplative. It might be a family sitting down at the dinner table to eat together. It could be a family praying. We also need pictures of international members showing their culture. See the Photo Needs List and the Video Needs List.

We have had some truly great photos submitted, and we are making a list of those photographers who seem to have developed an eye for what makes a great photo or video. We may contact these people as a group and give them lists of immediate needs as they come to us from other departments and auxiliaries.

Quality Standards

Generally, only the highest quality media — that which we'll want to share with other members — is usable by the Church. We do get many photo submissions that are low quality, either due to poor lighting, sound, or other production problems. The most common problems with submitted photos include being too dark or out of focus. What may look great on a small camera screen may be quite out of focus when viewed full-size.

We also get many photos that have people with modesty problems. Because we need photos that can be used in worldwide projects, we have to have photos where everyone, including very small children, is dressed according to what would be temple standards. Casual is fine, but we can't take those cute photos of little kids in sun dresses or running around in just a diaper. We also cannot accept any photos of anyone in swimming suits. We get quite a few great shots that are really cute, but we just can't use them because of the modesty issues.

We also get photos with people giving hand signs, like the sign for "I love you" or the sign in the Hawaiian Islands to say hi, with the thumb and little finger extended. While some of these hand signs are fun and common in some local areas or countries, nearly any hand sign may be obscene in another country of the world. Because of that, we cannot accept photos with any hand signs.

Tips for videographers and photographers

As a general tip for capturing good content, take photos or videos every day and develop your eye for what looks good. If you want to be a great photographer, throw away 95% of your photos and keep only the best. Many people get too attached to all their photos and hate to delete anything. They end up with thousands of mediocre photos on their hard drive that camouflage their truly great ones.

Once you identify your best photos and videos, share them with others. With so many people buying expensive cameras, we know that there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of great photographers around the world who take photos and then store them on hard drives, where they will never be seen again. They have no outlet for their photos except occasionally posting a few on a social media sites.

We would love to have you go through your tens of thousands of photos and share the very best from your collections. Whenever we find a member photo that has been used, we try to let the photographer know.

Future Scope

In the near future, beyond submitting your photos and videos, you will be able to do the following on

  • Produce audio programming for use on the Mormon Channel radio.
  • Submit recordings of you singing or playing many of the hymns and children's songs.
  • Compose and submit underscore music that could be used in video projects produced by the Church.
  • Submit graphic designs and help with graphic design projects.
  • Use your Photoshop talents to help remove logos and fix problems with photos that have been submitted.
  • Create temple, family, and other templates for blogs.
  • Submit scripts for videos, plays, pageants, and other projects, based on requests from Church departments and auxiliaries.
  • Write and submit an interesting or inspiring true story for consideration for members or the Church to record it or create a video or other project.
  • Participate in contests within many of these areas.

Submitting photos to is a simple way to let your talents bless other members of the Church. Your art can help others build the Kingdom and spread the Gospel. Choose your very best work and submit it today!



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