Calendar 2.0 Beta Test Print
Written by Daniel Skidmore   
Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The calendar team will be running a beta test so users can work with the new calendar application and provide critical feedback to help discover issues before the official release. The team is looking for at least 30 testers, particularly individuals that have roles as stake administrators, ward administrators, building schedulers, and stake and ward clerks.

While all are welcome, beta volunteers that live in diverse locations and serve in Church units that cover large geographic areas would be of great value for this testing.

What’s New in 2.0?

Improvements to the calendar are in two main areas: a redesign of the back-end architecture and a simplified workflow to schedule events and resources.

The new design is more agile to allow quicker problem resolution and easier deployments. The steps required for resource reservations and creation of repeating events are also more intuitive. The workflow changes are particularly useful for Church units that cover wide geographical areas, or which reserve resources outside their home unit. The user interface will remain basically the same.

Beta Test Details

A separate calendar environment will be set up, and volunteers will be granted access where they can complete the same tasks as in the regular calendar website. This will allow testing to emulate a real-life environment.

In the next few weeks, calendar 2.0 will go live to all the beta volunteers. At that time the calendar team will create a private forum on LDSTech and invite you as to join. As a group member you will be able to escalate problems and offer recommendations.

To join the beta testing group and be notified when the testing begins, add your name to the calendar forum thread here.