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Ward/Stake Directory 2.0 Released Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Danie Probst   
Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Directory 2.0 has been released. You can access the Directory by going to and selecting Tools > Directory. This release contains the following enhancements:

  • New privacy options
  • Improved household layout
  • Stake Leadership PDF
  • A-Z Index quick navigation bar
  • Missionary information view

New Privacy Options. You can set privacy levels for almost every part of your Directory profile. These privacy settings determine who can see your household information.

When viewing your profile, click the Edit tab to edit your settings. Then click the Edit link next to any type of household information to set the privacy options for that information.

edit options for Directory

For more information about the Directory privacy settings, see Data privacy settings in Directory.

Improved household layout. The layout for individual households has been improved to make it easier to find and read information.

Stake Leadership PDF. You can print stake leader information to a PDF by navigating to the stake leadership information and clicking Print.

A-Z Index quick navigation bar for household list. You can use a quick navigation bar to find household information faster. Just click the letter of the last name you’re searching for when viewing the household list.

Missionary information view. Click Missionary in the left sidebar to see which missionaries have been assigned to your ward and which members of your ward are serving missions. You can see the phone number for your ward’s assigned missionaries.

When you click a missionary’s name, you also see a map outlining his or her mission boundaries. You can click on the map to open it in Maps. The following image shows a sample Missionary view in Directory.

Missionary view



Learn how to become a full time or part time Missionary.