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Written by Tom Johnson   
Saturday, 14 April 2012

Google Groups is now integrated with LDSTech projects. When you join a project, you'll automatically be added to the Google Group set up for the project. Google Groups functions as the e-mail listserv for the project, and facilitates communication among project members. 

Projects can have several types of Google Groups: Announcement only, Discussion, and Commits groups. Announcement only groups provide one-way communication from the project managers to the team. Discussion groups allow for conversations and discussions among all team members. Commits groups allow members to receive updates when code is committed to the Subversion repository.

Previously, communication within project teams was non-standard and varied from project to project. Since frequent communication is essential for project success, the team needed to implement a seamless and low-overhead method for increasing the communication among project teams. 

You can control your subscriptions to various Google Groups by clicking Projects on the top menu, and then clicking the Groups button (see below). For more information about the integration of Google Groups with LDSTech, see Google Groups integration with LDSTech projects.

Google Groups integration with LDSTech projects



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