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Introduction to LDSTech Projects Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by David Morris   
Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Latter-day Saint history is one of sacrifice and service in building the kingdom of God on earth. Through the early saints’ contribution of their skills, tools, and organization, the saints built temples, constructed chapels, and established vibrant communities. Skilled engineers, stone masons, designers, wood workers, architects, and other saints all worked together in a collaborative, service-based community.

LDSTech projects

LDSTech projects are a modern version of the same principle of service practiced by early Latter-day Saints.

LDSTech projects are founded on this same principle of community service. The goal of these projects is to draw upon the technical talents and skills of its members to hasten the work of the Church.

Rather than build temples, LDSTech project members focus on building software and other technical solutions. Through LDSTech projects, more than 800 people work on various technical projects. Thousands more are willing to help. The projects emphasize quality assurance, technical writing, beta testing, and development.

There's a new wiki page available -- Introduction to LDSTech projects -- that answers many introductory questions about LDSTech projects. Questions addressed include the following:

  • How do you communicate with members?
  • Why do we have LDSTech projects?
  • What is the purpose of LDSTech?
  • Who works on LDSTech projects?
  • What if I want to contribute service long-term?
  • How else can I serve?
  • How do I find out what volunteers in my area are serving?
  • What projects are available?
  • Why is testing an emphasis in volunteer work?
  • How much time does it require?
  • Can I start my own LDSTech project?
  • Who leads LDSTech projects?

To read more, see Introduction to LDSTech projects.



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