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Written by Tom Johnson   
Thursday, 26 April 2012

Thanks to everyone who participated in the LDSTech 2012 Conference. Over the course of three days, there were 41 presentations and 32 projects. For a quick summary about the conference and the LDSTech effort in general, see this infographic:

LDSTech Conference infographic

Overall, 475 unique volunteers (non-employees) attended the conference. On Wednesday, 130 attended; on Thursday, 300 attended, on Friday another 300 attended. Some volunteers attended only Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, but the unique number of attendees was 475 overall.

We actually had 1,355 people register for the conference. The conference was free, so there was no penalty for registering and then not attending. There was also some confusion about whether people needed to register if only viewing the stream. Overall, the fact that 1,355 people registered shows widespread interest in Church technology.

The infographic also has information about releases completed for LDSTech Community projects. Over the course of 2012, there have been 16 software releases for various tools. Community participation on these projects varies from development to testing to support and other tasks.

The number of volunteer hours through March 2012 is 4,312 hours. This is tremendous amount of volunteer labor contributed to projects.

Further, 16 missionaries are serving on projects within ICS. And there are 29 active projects within the LDSTech community.

The following are a few photos from the LDSTech Conference:

welcome to LDSTech conference

The conference was held at the Riverton Office Building in Riverton, UT, the same location where most ICS employees work.

Blaine Maxfield, LDS CIO, gives a keynote address

Blaine Maxfield, CIO of the LDS Church, delivered an opening keynote to conference attendees. Among several topics, he discussed ways to accommodate the growth of the Church.

Project sessions at LDSTech

Project teams gathered in team rooms to discuss and work on a variety of projects.

Rusted Partner plays on the patio

Rusted Partner, a band consisting of all ICS employees, played in the courtyard during lunch.

Opening keynote sessions at LDSTech

Conference attendees listened to keynote addresses and presentations in the large auditorium rooms.

Project discussions at the LDSTech Conference

Project sessions had lively discussions about a variety of issues. This project session was the LDSTech Blog and Wiki project session.

Michael Carter delivers a keynote address on security

Michael Carter, Chief Security Information Officer, spoke about the need to be vigilant, expert, and faithful when it comes to security matters.

Audiovisual staff recorded and broadcast streams of keynotes

Audiovisual staff from Media Services recorded and streamed the keynote addresses to hundreds of online viewers.

Remote participants participated through IRC and other social media

Both remote and on-site attendees exchanged discussions through the LDSTech channel on IRC.

This was the third annual LDSTech Conference. The conference always takes place the Thursday and Friday before general conference in spring.

Special thanks to David Terry, an ICS employee, for taking photos at the Conference.



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