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Personal Progress Site Now Allows Leaders to Update Progress for Young Women Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Tom Johnson   
Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Young Women Personal Progress site now allows the appropriate leaders, such as Young Women presidents and bishops, to update value experiences for young women through the Leader Summary section of the site. If young women have opted to use the site, leaders can mark updates for value experiences to better track and view progress of all young women in their ward or stake.

Viewing the Leader Summary

To view the Personal Progress site, from, go to Menu > Youth. On the Youth site menu, click Personal Progress. (Or go directly here.) Once on the Personal Progress site, sign in with your LDS Account. Then click Leader Summary in the lower-right column.

 Young Women Personal Progress

When you view the Leader Summary, you see a grid showing the progress the young women in your ward have made on their value experiences. The names of all young women using the system (which you have responsibility for) appear as hyperlinks. If a young woman has not started using the system, her name does not appear as a hyperlink.

Young Women's Personal Progress -- Leader Summary

Updating Progress for Young Woman

Click a young woman's name to update her progress on her value experiences. You can then select the check boxes for each value experience the young woman has completed.

Young Women's Personal Progress -- Leader Summary

This capability allows leaders to better track the progress of young women in their ward using a single, centralized system.

Leaders with Access

Leaders with access to view and update Personal Progress information for young women include the ward Young Women president, counselors, and secretary; Laurel, Mia Maid, and Beehive adviser; stake Young Women president, counselors, and secretary; bishop, bishopric first counselor, and bishopric second counselor; and stake president, stake president first counselor, and stake president second counselor.

For more information about Personal Progress, see Getting Started and Frequently Asked Questions.



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