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“Newsletter”: A New Tool Available on for Publishing Newsletters Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Tom Johnson   
Friday, 27 July 2012

Through Newsletter, a new tool on the Tools menu, local unit leaders can publish news and messages to members in their wards and stakes. Newsletter gives you an online alternative to the paper or e-mail newsletters that organizations typically create. Newsletter home page

Screenshot showing a sample newsletter home page (fictitious ward and data)

One advantage to using the newsletter is that it is always accessible on, available to any member of your ward or stake who can sign in with an LDS Account, regardless of whether the member is on your e-mail list, in attendance on Sunday, or even active. The newsletter gives members an opportunity to get inspirational updates, news, messages, and other information from their local unit leaders at any time.

Accessing the Newsletter

To access the newsletter, go to and click Sign In/Tools, and then click Newsletter. You will be prompted to sign in with your LDS Account. newsletter sign in

Newsletter is now on the Sign In/Tools menu of

Note that you must sign in with your LDS Account. If you haven't yet registered for an LDS Account, you can sign up for one at When you register, you must include your membership record number so that your LDS Account is associated with your local unit.

Viewing the Newsletter

Once your ward or stake has published content, articles for the newsletter appear in one column of news on the newsletter homepage, arranged in reverse chronological order. You can view the news you want to see by selecting the category on the right. The selected category filters the news.

Rights and Roles

For those who will maintain or contribute to the newsletter, two roles are available: administrator and publisher.

Administrators can write and edit articles, manage categories, and add publishers and administrators. Default administrators for the newsletter include bishoprics, stake presidencies, clerks, and website administrators.

Publishers can write and edit articles only. Default publishers for the newsletter include the high priest group leader, elders quorum president, Primary president, Relief Society president, Sunday School president, Young Men president, and Young Women president.

Creating an article in the newsletter

The interface administrators and publishers use to create articles for the newsletter

As needed, administrators can also add additional administrators or publishers by calling or name.

Training Materials

Training for the newsletter is available from the Help button in the newsletter application. You can also go directly here:

The help material includes the following training materials:

Getting Help

For help with the newsletter, see the Newsletter section of the LDSTech Forum.



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