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Written by Tom Johnson   
Wednesday, 01 August 2012 has a new menu in place. The Menu and Tools menus have been replaced with four new navigation options: Scriptures, Teachings, Resources, and News.

New menus to navigate to content

These new menus are designed to help members easily find the most used content on the site, such as scriptures, General Conference, magazines and manuals, First Presidency messages, ordering church materials, and more.

Straightforward Naming

As you explore the menus, you’ll notice that names are more straightforward and plain than in the past. Rather than “Church Media Library,” the option is now “Video, Audio, and Images.” Rather than “My Study Notebook,” the option is “Notes and Journal.” Rather than “Online Store,” the option is “Order Church Materials.”

This more plain naming convention helps you identify content you’re looking for, without needing to know a specific name or catchy title for the content.

Plain naming conventions in menus

The menus mostly present a new pathway to the same content you’re accustomed to seeing on However, there is one new menu option: Locations and Schedules. If you go to Resources > Locations and Schedules, you can find instructions for locating meetinghouses, temples, historic sites, visitors’ centers, and more.

Sign in Menu

Previously, the Tools menu contained links to local unit applications, such as calendar and directory. These options now appear in the Sign In menu, next to a globe icon. Each of these applications provides personalized information for your local ward or stake.

Sign In Menu on

One new application to appear in this list is Newsletter. Through Newsletter, local leaders can provide newsletter messages for their wards and stakes. (Learn more about Newsletter.)

Languages and Country Sites

With the previous, when you selected Languages, you had to decide whether to view the language or the country site. The Languages link is now a globe icon globe icon on When you click the globe icon, you’re presented with languages first.

Selecting language sites

After you select a language, you can then select specific countries for that language.

For example, click the globe and select Español. shows all Spanish content. In the left sidebar, select one of the country sites for the Spanish language. When you select a country site, such as Area Caribe, the content shows Spanish content specific to the Caribbean area only.

Selecting a country site

When you get a chance, take some time to explore and become familiar with the new menus on If you have feedback about the new design, you can submit your comments, questions, or suggestions through the Feedback link at the bottom of



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