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Current LDSTech Church-Service Mission Opportunities Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Tom Johnson   
Wednesday, 01 August 2012

LDS Church service missionsIf you desire to serve a Church-service mission, you can become a missionary for LDSTech.

LDSTech missions are ideal for people who work or have worked in the IT industry. You may be a young (or young-at-heart) tech expert who is worthy to serve a proselyting mission but cannot. You may also be retired or on a leave of absence and looking for an opportunity to serve a mission. LDSTech is a welcome place to serve for people from all backgrounds and ages.

Church Service Missionary Listings

The latest Church service missionary opportunities are listed on In the Select an Interest dropdown box, select Information Technology and Computer Science.

Needs for Testers

Right now we have a strong need for testers. Testers work with project teams to test applications for bugs, defects, and other issues. Testers need to be thorough and creative as they check applications against requirements, functionality specifications, prototype designs, and other standards.

Testers not only verify that intended steps in procedures work, they also test non-standard ways of using the application to see if the system breaks or causes errors. More advanced testers investigate the code to troubleshoot the source of issues and even write automated scripts to facilitate testing.

Testers may be assigned to multiple projects and lead other volunteers in organizing and coordinating testing efforts within the LDSTech community.

Skills Required for Testers

To be a tester, you need to be familiar with computers. Programming skills aren’t necessary, but these skills can facilitate the setup of automated test scripts. Testers will work extensively with JIRA, a bug tracking system that teams use to log bugs, defects, and other issues. Experience with Selenium will also be helpful.

The following tester positions are available:

Additional Church-Service Missionary Needs

In addition to the above needs for testers, the following positions are also available:

A22: Assistant Chapter Directors for LDSTech  

The assistant chapter directors for LDSTech help create and grow the LDSTech chapters at BYU, University of Utah, Utah State, Weber State, BYU Idaho, and Utah Valley University. They work with the outgoing LDS Church interns from each of these schools to help build the LDSTech chapters at their respective schools and also recruit new ICS interns through these campus-based LDSTech chapters. Additionally, the assistant directors coordinate and help produce monthly LDSTech broadcasts. They are in the Riverton Office Building (ROB) regularly to help with LDSTech missions.

Activities involved in coordinating with LDSTech missions include the following:

  • Giving tours
  • Facilitating interviews between ICS managers and prospective LDSTech service missionaries
  • Matching LDSTech missionaries with ICS opportunities
  • Assisting HR in processing and provisioning new missionaries
  • Coordinating with the mission office at the Church Office Building (mostly by phone, visiting occasionally)

Required Skills: Strategic program development, project management, recruiting, business development, administration

Riverton Office Building Location Required: Yes – 85% at ROB, 15% from home

Minimum hours per week: 20+ for a couple

Minimum months of service: 12

ICS Contact: LDSTech Mission Office,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 801-240-7373


A23: BlackBerry Developer 

Although the BlackBerry is decreasing in popularity dramatically in the US, it is still very popular worldwide, especially in Latin America. As a BlackBerry developer, you will update Gospel Library, LDS Tools, and Mormon Channel apps to function better on more models of BlackBerry. You will also update content for Gospel Library and implement new languages.

Required Skills: Classic Java BlackBerry App development experience. Java programming ability.

Riverton Office Building Location Required: No

Minimum hours per week: 10

Minimum months of service: 12

ICS Contact: Hal Rushton,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 801-240-2615

For more information about serving an LDSTech Church service mission, see Church-service missionary opportunities with LDSTech.



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