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Gospel Library Version 2.3 for Android Released Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Tom Johnson   
Thursday, 15 November 2012

Gospel Library for Android Version 2.3 was released today. If you already have Gospel Library installed on your Android device, you should be prompted to install the update. The following new features are included in Gospel Library Version 2.3.

Study Notebook for Viewing All Annotations

Although you could make annotations previously on Gospel Library content, version 2.3 introduces a Study Notebook view that consolidates all your highlights, links, notes, journal entries, and tags in one view.

To view the Study Notebook, tap the App Home button , and then tap Study Notebook.

This consolidated view of all your annotations is similar to the Notes and Journal view on

As long as you're logged in with your LDS Account, all of your annotations sync to, and likewise, your annotations on sync to your Gospel Library app.

New Annotation Types: Tags and Links.

You can now annotate content with two new types of annotations: tags and links.

Tags are keywords that you add to a passage to group it with other passages dealing with the same topic. For example, if you're studying about "testimony," you could tag all passages you read related to this concept with the tag "testimony." Then when you tap the "testimony" tag in your Study Notebook, you can see all the passages. In short, tagging helps you organize your highlights into related groups.

Links are cross-references. When you add a link to a passage, you connect it with another passage to identify a relationship between the two. For example, you might link a verse in 3 Nephi with a verse in the New Testament if you find some connection between the two verses.

Improved Related Content Area for Viewing Footnotes and Annotations

When you read content in your library, your annotations appear in a Related Content window, integrated with the official footnotes for the content. The Related Content window now integrates all the notes, links, tags, footnotes, and other information into the same window.

On tablets, the Related Content window appears to the right of your content. On mobile devices, the Related Content window appears below the content.

The Related Content window has various icons to denote the type of annotations: 




To open the Related Content window, open some content in your library, and then tap the Menu button and tap Related Content.

Translation in Many New Languages

The Gospel Library interface has been translation into numerous languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Fijian, Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Swedish, Ukrainian, Cebuano, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Samoan, Tagalog, and Tongan.

If your Android device's operating system loads in one of these languages, Gospel Library will automatically load that language for its interface. (Some additional languages also have partial interface translations.)

In addition to these interface languages, you can download library content in more than 40 languages.

Other Updates and Bug Fixes

In addition the previously mentioned features, version 2.3 includes numerous bug fixes and minor updates, including:

  • Improved catalog updates
  • Improved content updates
  • Improved indexing process
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

New Help Material

Along with the other updates in version 2.3, new help material is also available. You can now view a Gospel Library for Android How-to Guide (PDF).

You can also view a mobile version of this help material from the app by tapping Menu > Help > Online Help.

This launches a mobile view of the help material in your device's browser. Alternatively, go directly to



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