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LDSTech Church-service Missionary Profile: Sister Kylie Knight Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Rachel Evensen   
Thursday, 09 May 2013
service missionary kylie knight

Sister Kylie Knight knew she would serve a mission, but when and where was another matter.

“It kind of got to the point where I was putting it off,” she said. “My dad brought it up; he was saying I should do a mission before school. I thought school first.”

Sister Knight attended Westwood College in Colorado for a year, where she studied 3D Game Art and Design. Then financial issues put her education on hold and returned her attention to serving a mission.

“God has a way of telling you, ‘No, you need to do it this way.’ You don’t want to argue with God; He always wins in the end,” Sister Knight said.

She turned in her mission papers in fall 2011 and was called to serve a full-time proselyting mission in the Minnesota Minneapolis Mission. She began serving in February 2012, and after six months was transferred home to Utah to finish her mission as a service missionary.

“I was called out to Minnesota because there were people I needed to be with and be there for. Once I had fulfilled my duties out there, I was needed at home for other things,” she said.

She says she didn’t know at first what “other things” entailed. Her stake president and bishop discussed and prayed over the different possibilities. LDSTech, Welfare Square, Church blogging, and family history became the assignments among which she now divides her time.

Sister Knight began serving as an LDSTech Church-service missionary two days a week in October 2012. She works with Church employee Sandy Fletcher, tracking and managing information technology assets for the Church.

“Basically, I’m managing all of the computers the Church owns worldwide. I track the computers and input missing information and make sure the information is correct,” Sister Knight said.

She says the work seemed beyond her understanding at first but got easier as she became more familiar with the program she was using.

“You never go into something prepared, but it prepares you when you come out. That’s how it seems to be, especially with missions, whether you’re serving here or in the field. You learn as you go,” Sister Knight explained.

Sandy Fletcher says Sister Knight has been “a huge help” and “a blessing” to her and the work.

“We had more work than we could get done, so we needed help,” Fletcher said. “It takes quite a bit of training to understand what we’re looking for. Sister Knight has been very quick to pick up on what we need.”

Sister Knight says she has been surprised by how much she is learning to do as a missionary for LDSTech and also by how her abilities lend themselves to her work.

“Sandy will send me projects because she knows I’m really thorough with them,” Sister Knight said. “I keep telling her I have a talent for tedious.”

Sister Knight says serving as a missionary can teach a person a lot about himself or herself and can strengthen and build one’s testimony.

“You think you know yourself, or you think you know your destiny, or you think you know God,” she said. “But you’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg.”

If you're interested to know more about Church-service missions, visit the opportunities page where you can see all available options and complete the LDSTech Missionary and Service Opportunities form.



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