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BYU LDSTech Chapter Teaches Provo Ward Relief Society about Technology Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Emily Fairchild   
Monday, 13 May 2013

sisters and helpers learning technology

In April an LDSTech Church-service missionary couple, Elder and Sister Eliason, held a Church-application training session for the Relief Society in a Provo Utah ward. First the sisters listened to a 25-minute presentation conducted by an IT student involved with the BYU LDSTech Chapter. The sisters intently followed as he instructed the class on how to download the Gospel Library and how to use several of its functions. He also pointed out proper etiquette for using electronic devices in Church meetings.

Following the presentation, 40-minute workshops were led by experts in technology, including students and young single adult members. These young people are interested in helping Church members discover how easy and effective it is to use Church apps on any technological device. The sisters sat at designated tables determined by the technological device they brought. The ratio of students to experts was about 2 to 1.

Several sisters in attendance expressed how helpful the training was and that they hope to continue with additional training sessions. Comments heard: “Thanks for a spectacular and useful class!” and “Best Evening RS class ever.” The excitement for an understanding of Church technology is spreading, too. Several sisters told friends and family members about the class, and now other wards want to organize a similar training in their own wards.

Receiving training on the many helpful resources available to Church members inspired these sisters to hasten the Lord’s work in their own hearts, families, and communities. When we increase knowledge about our resources, our ability to share the gospel improves. There are members in your ward who would benefit from sharing your knowledge of technology!

We suggest that you try using a similar training event in your own ward. Those who want to share and those who want to learn will both benefit. For training resources and information, contact Elder and Sister Eliason through email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



# Susan L. Salgy 2013-06-07 15:50
This sounds perfect for us. How would we go about scheduling these missionaries and the BYU students for a similar event in our ward (also in Provo)?
# Janice Greenhalgh 2013-06-12 07:50
I echo Susan - how do I go about finding the missionaries in our area who would be able to teach a similar RS event in my ward?
# Eduardo Moriancumer Latourrette Muñoz 2013-07-01 00:18
Is there a way we could get this training online?
# Brad Moser 2013-12-06 19:56
You mention both a 25 minute presentation followed by 40 minute workshops. Up here in Alberta, Canada, the Edmonton Alberta North Stake is the 2nd largest geographical stake extending all the way to the north pole. where we border with a Russian stake I am told. I have been approached not only to help our stake RS present the identical training but with half our wards & branches at a distance, we must be able to provide it on-line and interactively. We already have PVC functioning on a regular occurrence in every building. Can we access material such as this and make this work. It would be excellent and would just be the beginning for us.

Thanks kindly

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