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Written by Emily Fairchild   
Thursday, 13 June 2013

If you missed last week’s excellent broadcast about meetinghouse technology helps for the Stake Technology Specialist, watch it here.

Read over these acronyms used in the broadcast before you watch it. See our acronyms page for more. Below the acronyms you will find helpful links to popular items discussed during the broadcast.

FM – Facilities Manager      PFR – Physical Facilities Representative     

TM – Technology Manager      MLS – Member and Leaders Service     

GSC – Global Service Center      STS – Stake Technology Specialist     

PVC – Personal Video Conference      TSR – Technology Service Representative     

Mhtech – Meetinghouse technology     

Helpful Links redirects users to the Meetinghouse Technology page on The site provides video and instruction for technology in Church meetinghouses around the world.

The Global Service Center (GSC) provides IT support, distribution ordering support, local unit MLS support, and family history center support services.

In addition to the Meetinghouse Technology page, the LDSTech Forum page provides a vast community of users with experience ranging from technology experts to ordinary people interested in Church technology. Specifically, the forum about Clerk and Technology Support was mentioned in the broadcast.

To learn about the forum and how it differs from the Wiki, read the Self Support page. Anyone can read various forum topics, and those with an LDS Account can sign in and join the conversations, provide advice, or ask questions.

LDSTech Chapters are groups of people interested in Church technology who live near each other. Find out how to join or start one in your area.

Church-service missionaries provide invaluable contributions to the technological advancements in the Church. If you're interested to know more about Church-service missions, visit the opportunities page where you can see all available options and complete the LDSTech Missionary and Service Opportunities form. You can also volunteer your time and talents by joining projects on the Wiki.

If you have questions about meetinghouse technology or other topics, we encourage you to visit the forum. Otherwise email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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