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Written by Barbara Ann Gardener   
Saturday, 18 January 2014

Gospel Library 3.0 … Amazing!

[Editor’s Note:  This blog will be covering several outstanding LDSTech Broadcasts of the recent past to remind community members they can all be found and enjoyed anytime by looking in the broadcast archive. ]

Gospel Library 3.0 for iOS is amazing! Here are a few highlights that were covered in the LDSTech Broadcast, Friday, September 6, 2013.

  • Twenty-two hundred different materials are now available for download. Included in the collection is the new youth curriculum, Come Follow Me, in 23 languages.
  • Audio and video files are available with audio speed variation allowing you to listen to scriptures at normal speaking pace, one and one half times faster or twice as fast. The promise is that listening at a faster speed will improve your focus.
  • You can open multiple windows and then use a three finger swipe to move between them.
  • A triple tap, once you have made the appropriate settings, will take a screen shot and allow you to send it along with feedback regarding any problem area you might encounter. “If you see something, say something.” This is absolutely key since upgrade priorities are set by both user feedback and direction from Church leaders.
  • A common look and feel for the Android market will be [and was] released November 2013.

The Search, Annotation, and Notebook Tag features would have been useful to Elder David A. Bednar as he described his scripture study in his February 4, 2007 CES Fireside for Young Adults entitled, A Reservoir of Living Water.

“In preparation for a recent speaking assignment, I was impressed to talk about the spirit and purposes of gathering…

“I recognized that I had much to learn from the scriptures about gathering. So I identified and made copies of every scripture in the standard works that included any form of the word gather. I next read each scripture, looking for connections, patterns, and themes. It is important to note that I did not start my reading with a preconceived set of things for which I was looking. I prayed for the assistance of the Holy Ghost and simply started reading.

“As I reviewed the scriptures about gathering, I marked verses with similar phrases or points of emphasis, using a colored pencil. By the time I had read all of the scriptures, some of the verses were marked in red, some were marked in green, and some were marked in other colors.

“Now, here comes the part that may make you laugh. I next used my scissors to cut out the scriptures I had copied and sorted them into piles by color. The process produced a large pile of scriptures marked with red, a large pile of scriptures marked with green, and so forth. I then sorted the scriptures within each large pile into smaller piles. …”

Just think what he could have done with Gospel Library 3.0!

To learn how to do all of these things plus many more, watch the complete broadcast at

Brother R. P. Jex of the Priesthood Department urged us to become familiar with all the new upgrades to Gospel Library and then take the time to share it with our friends. Ideas, concerns and feedback can be shared directly with him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by calling 801-240-3311. To keep informed about what’s new with Gospel Library, ‘Like’


Note:  Since last Sept., when this was broadcast, a new Android version of  LDS Tools has also been released.