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Knowledge Tech - for beginners - 3 & 4 Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Greg Duerden & Cheryl Bottorff   
Thursday, 20 March 2014

Knowledge Tech – for beginners – Tip #3

How do I listen to or download a hymn?

…  for Smart Phones?

Download the LDS Music app. Touch the Hymns picture. The table of contents appears, with buttons for sorting numerically or alphabetically at the top right of your screen. You can also type the name into the Search box. Tilt the phone sideways to enlarge your view. To list to it, touch the right-pointing triangle at the bottom center.

for computers?

At, click Resources at the top of the screen, and then click Music under the General column at the right. At the left click Find a Hymn and choose from the options. When you get to your chosen hymn, to listen to it click on the right-pointing triangle on the toolbar just below the title of the hymn.

Knowledge Tech – for beginners – Tip #4

How do I look up a scripture?

…  on my Smart Phones?

In the Gospel Library app, click the little magnifying glass icon at the bottom center of your screen. Type in words or phrases and then touch the blue Search botton. You will get a list of possible places where the words or phrases may be found, with a parenthetical number indicating how many instances were found.

on my computer?

At, type in words or phrases in the Search box at the top right of the screen, using the Return/Enter key when you are done or clicking the little magnifying glass.  The next screen will allow you to narrow down your search to scriptures, general conference talks, magazines, etc., but you will probably find your answer at or near the top of the main section.



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