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Lots of Ideas and the First "Feathers" Session Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by G C Duerden   
Monday, 03 November 2014

A new activity for this year's conference was the ‘Birds of a Feather’ session. This was a technology networking session held Thursday afternoon. Various groups (such as Android, iOS, Windows 8 & 10, a Feature Phone group, and Stake/District/Assistant Area Technology Specialists) gathered to discuss ideas and questions about their area with a moderator or discussion leader. One such leader was Tim Riker, who led the Android workshop. He said...

...the session was well-attended and included good discussion and useful information as well as potential connections for networking.

The ‘Idea Sharing’ session at October’s LDSTech conference was a big success as always. This has become a very popular activity. The ten-minute presentations (with five minutes of question and answer) are very informative. The amount of information provided is amazing, and often the little taste of a project or concept can be intriguing.

Some of the presentations were new apps or programs or suggestions for future projects. Several of the winners of the Gospel Game and App Contest presented their games or apps. Friday afternoon the agenda for Idea Sharing was packed for all three hours.



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