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Contest Winner Highlight: Scripture Mastery SUPERSTAR! Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by G C Duerden   
Monday, 01 December 2014

Nick Pasto and Jonathan Chan authored the Scripture Mastery SUPERSTAR! game for the first-ever LDSTech Gospel Game and App Contest. This game won top honors in the youth division of the contest as well as one of the three People’s Choice awards, which were voted on by the attendees at the LDSTech Conference in October 2014.

This game is based on the 25 scriptures that seminary students are asked to know by memorization as well as the meaning of each scripture. Pasto is an early morning Seminary Teacher, so he was able to have a test audience for the game. “They loved it,” he said. “I would catch them playing it out in the hallway after class.”

The game provides two scoring screens, one of the all-time score and one of today’s work (long-term and short-term results). These screens allow the seminary teacher to see how the students scored – if they’d done the work and the score they received (a star for an ‘A’, a gold medal for the ‘B’ level, silver for a ‘C,’ or bronze for ‘D’s,’ or a garbage medal for an ‘F’).

Pasto and Chan have been friends since their freshman year at BYU and their birthdays are two days apart – Chan is two days older than Pasto. Pasto is the creative and artistic type while Chan is the programmer. Jonathan married Megan, a graphic designer, seven years ago. Megan does all the voice acting for Scripture Mastery SUPERSTAR! but Jonathan says she was a “willing conscript” for the project. Now all three have an award-winning product, a first place in a first-ever contest AND won ‘People’s Choice’ award. Not too shabby!

“We heard about the contest two months before the deadline. We had thought about doing the game, but we hadn’t had an opportunity to get going on it until the contest was announced,” Chan said.

Install this from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Check back for more contest winner highlights in the near future. 



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