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Gospel Library 2.0 App for Windows is now available! Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Sharon Howell   
Friday, 05 December 2014

Gospel LibraryGospel Library 2.0 for Windows 8.1 is a major upgrade from the legacy LDS Gospel Library. If you have been putting off upgrading to the latest version of Windows, this new release provides ample justification to do so. Jim Byer, Sr. Engineer for the Gospel Library project says, “Because the Gospel Library has many different users on different platforms, we wanted to make it as easy and simple to find things as we could so anyone using iPad or Android would be able to find the same functionality and features he or she is accustomed to.” This includes the...

...large “Library” section on the home page and a quick library navigation pane accessible from the new left Navigation bar. No need to swipe to find what may be hidden off-screen.

Gospel Library 2.0 is optimized for Windows 8.1 on desktops and tablets. Software engineers and 250 LDSTech volunteers combined talents to make Gospel Library a robust and feature-rich tool for personal gospel study.

The look and feel will be familiar to non-Windows users of the Gospel Library.

New navigational controls make finding content and features easy and intuitive whether you are working from a touch screen, a stylus, or using a keyboard and mouse. A stylus or mouse makes selecting text easier. Drag to select a word, phrase, or whole paragraph and then use the new radial menu to highlight, bookmark, or share specific passages. Use forward and back navigation buttons throughout the application to move deeper into options and then retreat back step-by-step. Move to the next or previous chapter using the navigation buttons on the left and right of the viewing area.

When moving between a manual and the scriptures, a new pinning feature keeps the library content list open while you browse passages, or move back and forth between sources. If you want to locate a specific passage, use the search menu from the Navigation bar. To customize your reading experience, resize text or change to reverse video from Settings.

You can link from the pre-filtered search options to content in the library. History will keep track of where you have been and group your browsing history chronologically.

Feature-rich content adds inline images, video streaming, and page numbers in Church manuals and magazines. The expanded content is available in 106 languages and the user interface is configurable in five languages. If you are moving between platforms, notes, bookmarks, and highlights may be synced at from other non-Windows devices running Gospel Library.

Planned for a future release is the ability to sync from within the app. Additional changes for small form-factor Windows phones are pending and will be released in the near future.

Gospel Library is available online at the Windows Store. Enter “Gospel Library for Windows” in the search box. Download Gospel Library and install on your desktop or laptop PC or Windows tablet. The app is free.

Windows applications are developed by LDSTech volunteers. Here are some project pages if you wish to participate:



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