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Help for Calendar 2.7 Deserves a Closer Look Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Sharon Howell   
Monday, 22 December 2014

With the release of Calendar 2.7, help for Church calendar users is redesigned with new content and new navigation. The new Help uses menus, section numbers, and hyperlinks to get you to what you need to see the easiest and fastest way possible.

Jed Black, Senior Calendar Knowledge Specialist, shared this: “There are no calendars by calling. Callings fit into roles for creating, editing, and viewing the calendar.” The result is a role-based tool which simplifies user interaction with the calendar help system. To increase functionality for all types of preferences, the calendar help also features an extensive Index, Glossary, and training PDFs.

Calendar help is integrated into the Help Center for Two extra steps within the Help Center under “Applications,” then “Calendar,” bring you to the Calendar Help menu where the new navigation takes over. The five major role-based categories for calendar help begin with “Help for…” They are:

  • Members
  • Stake Administrators
  • Ward Administrators
  • Building Schedulers
  • Auxiliary Leaders and Calendar editors

This arrangement helps narrow your search to what you do with the calendar. From the main page, pick a category and drill down into the menu system. Sub-menus are organized like a table of contents, leading you to an exact match for your search criteria and then linking you to the appropriate section.


Within the content, notice how the topics in blue typeface lead you from general to specific. A numbering system makes returning to former items or sharing content easy. Hyperlinks embedded in sections link to specific steps in a process or to examples of how the process is used. Screen captures and call-outs help you see how to perform a task or recognize a program feature. At the end of sections, links take you back to where you started. If you prefer scrolling, you can do that too and then quickly return to the top of the section.

From within Calendar Help, under “Help for All Members,” a hyperlink takes you to the Index, which is unique to the Calendar. The Calendar Index allows you to go to a specific topic or task directly, then return to your work quickly. Calendar Index is arranged alphabetically by topic and works well with the Glossary to help you find just what to look for.

This new release of Calendar Help raises the bar on Church software documentation. Take time to give user feedback when you see a hyperlink at the bottom of each section.



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