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Written by Sharon Howell   
Tuesday, 20 January 2015

A brief recap of the first LDSTech broadcast for 2015 on the Mormon Channel hardly does justice to the presentation. The Friday, January 9 presentation is a credit to media experts and LDSTech developers, who, in partnership, have brought phenomenal changes to the way broadcast technologies reach people. Presenters Rob Boshard (General Manager for the Mormon Channel) and Heidi Green (Content Strategist) likened that partnership to building a house’s infrastructure, furnishing it with content, and “turning on the lights.”

For example, the Mormon Channel provides resources for families, messages of inspiration and hope, and uplifting content in real time through many different channels and on many different platforms.

As a user of technology, you will be encouraged by some amazing statistics. In December 2014, twenty-seven and a half million (27,000,000) people tuned into the Mormon Channel and sponsored links. In Heidi’s words, “That is 600 people per minute!” Admittedly, talking to that many people directly is not realistic, but Heidi added, “sharing messages online are really awesome things!”

The Mormon Channel is succeeding on many fronts. If you have not tuned in recently, you will see the following:

  • A new web site (Mormon Channel 2.0) now in beta and available at //
  • A new design for mobile apps for Android, and soon iOS
  • A searchable archive of video and audio content
  • Four radio channels including Talk Radio and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
  • Greater presence in social media where you can give feedback, suggestions, and shar
  • A dedicated Spanish speaking media channel
  • Daily publishing and live streaming on-the-go wherever you are
  • Special outlets for children and youth
  • A Roku channel for wholesome program content
  • A channel on Google+

As promised, the Mormon Channel brings the best of the best directly to you wherever you are. All you need to do is tune in, engage, and share.

You may catch up this broadcast and earlier presentations by going to



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