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Improving Internet Access Following Meetinghouse Firewall Upgrade - Part 2 Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Sharon Howell   
Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Observing best practices when using the meetinghouse Internet will reduce network traffic, improve overall performance, and promote successful network connectivity for everyone. If you use the Internet in your meetinghouse, the suggestions below will provide valuable help.

Connecting your mobile devices to the public network

To use your device successfully, plan ahead. Perform Internet-intensive tasks, such as downloading content, installing apps, and performing software upgrades at home. If you are planning to use web content, download and save content to your device and then use meetinghouse audio visual equipment to project from your device rather than stream directly from the Internet. Where possible, disable wireless on the device and use mobile broadband (cellular connection), but be aware of the provisions of your provider’s data plan and the potential costs.

Technology is sometimes complicated, so teachers should always have a back-up plan for their lessons. Seek help from your local technology specialist. Most are eager to share information that will help you become more independent with things like projectors, adapters, and interfaces for your own mobile device. Become acquainted with instructions for downloading media and using audio visual equipment at

Connecting your laptop or tablet inside the Family History Center

When you bring your laptop or tablet to the Family History Center, you should be able to connect to the FHC zone and use your laptop as you would use one of the local computers (except you will generally not be able to print to a FHC printer). When using a tablet you will be constrained by the features of the app you are using to display family history information.

The new meetinghouse firewall configuration is good news when computer stations in a FHC cannot meet user demand. Moving from the FHC to the public network should be as seamless as moving from one access point in the building to another. The FHC zone is unique for each firewall, so if things do not work as anticipated, ask your Family History Director or Technology Specialist. You could also call Family History Support at 1-866-406-1830.

Two General Tips

The Stake Technology Specialist (STS) to may turn off meetinghouse wireless access to allow the full Internet bandwidth to be used for conference webcast. Be patient if you suddenly find no Internet during a conference meeting that is being webcast to a remote location.

Finally, remember that each device that connects to the meetinghouse network consumes resources. If you have set your device to automatically connect to the Church network but you don’t need the Internet while in the meetinghouse, consider disabling your Wi-Fi connection.


Meetinghouse Internet is a valuable tool. Some aspects are impacted significantly by what you choose to do inside the meetinghouse. As a responsible user of technology, the more you know, the more you can contribute to a satisfying experience for all users.

This is part 2. Here is a link to part 1 of this series.



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